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Who we are

We’re a family owned and operated small business from Florida 🙂 We pride ourselves in our honesty and aim to provide our customers with integrity at all times, including excellent customer support (all located within the USA). 


When booking, the sooner the better! However, 1-2 weeks is ideal for us to find you a reputable driver. Last minute bookings might cost more if we are not able to find a driver right away. 

In order to book we need full name, number, pick-up/ delivery address and date, as well as the desired day of pick up. You’ll also sign a contract with us that states we will be handling your vehicle transportation.


Payment can be made through credit card online or over the phone. We also can do cash on delivery to the driver. 

We also require a deposit when booking. Deposits can be made through Zelle, credit/ debit card, or through Apple Pay. You’ll pay the remaining balance to your driver on delivery if payment was not already made. Deposits are usually 15% of total booking cost. This allows us to begin working for you to find a reputable driver.

Prior to delivery you have up to 24 hours to cancel and request a refund. Once the vehicle is delivered, refunds will not be granted. 

Pick-up/ Delivery

Someone needs to be there in person to pick up the vehicle. We will try and get you as close to pick up location as possible. Some cities have regulations that will not allow drivers to make it to your door. Also, if there are obstructions in the way of the driver such as low hanging trees, narrow roads, or streets with dead ends, the driver might ask you to meet somewhere nearby.